Golden Retrievers Rule Social Media in Canada – How Do Breeds In Other Countries Rank?

Interesting article from Klooff ranking different breeds and which are popular in what countries. The poodle reigns supreme in France, while in the U.S the French Bulldog is a superstar.  Africa and India both favor the German shepherd.  This is proof that Canadians have great taste, we chose the glorious golden retriever. Based on data from Klooff a popular pet photo sharing app, here are the breeds based on country:


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Peaches Geldof and her Golden Retriever “Parpy”

Yesterday I was shocked when I heard the news that Peaches Geldof-Cohen had died at the age of 25.  Just last month she appeared on a show called “Top Dog” with her golden retriever “Parpy”.  Peaches was the middle daughter of musician Bob Geldof, and a model and writer.

Photo:  Pete Dods
Photo: Pete Dods

I followed her on Instagram and loved seeing photos of her and her boys, and her other dog Bogwot, a Newfoundland.


As of this evening, her Instagram account appears to have been deleted. No cause of death has been determined.

Roy Dyer of the Essex Dog Display team had worked with Peaches and Parper just last month and said “She thought the world of her dog Parper, she would talk about how he loved running around at home and in her garden.”

Peaches had a golden retriever named “Flossie” as a child.  She explained to her Instagram followers:
We had a golden retriever growing up her name was Flossie that’s how I knew they were so good with kids apart from all the hype about it anyway
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Golden Retriever Rescue Attempts to Break Guinness World Record

On Sunday September 21st, 2014, in Alliston, Ontario  (a town 6o min north of Toronto), Golden Rescue will hold their 22nd annual picnic at the beautiful MapleLane Farms that boasts a 3 acre off leash area.  There are also activities like dock diving and agility.  Last year there were over 120 dogs in attendance.




This year, they want to break the Guinness World Record for most dogs being brushed at one time.  All breeds are welcome.  (Imagine the fur ball!)   Funds raised go to this amazing rescue organization.  Click here to see their website for details.

I am only two hours away, and I really hope to bring Tucker!

If you would be interested in attending, they would love it if you give them a “heads up” by emailing them at

and don’t forget to bring your brush!  BYOB!

Here’s a video from last years picnic.

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Happy Golden Retriever Day! Here’s some great golden pictures…

It’s been a busy day celebrating, but in honor of “International Golden Retriever Day” here are some photos from some of my Instagram friends who were generous enough to share photos of their sweet goldens!  Enjoy!  (These photos are in no particular order..)

Artie from @jbzl10x3lzl


This sweet face is from @johnnymanni


Sarah says “What? Today is International Golden Retriever Day?  Isn’t that every day? from @karendj87


Kaci loves the snow! from @mettlermc


and so does Molly! from @jacyosbornmollyLove everything about this photo of Jessie from @runchick jessie

These two boys are from Finland, and their photos are some of my favorites! Benji and Bablo from @hejddi


Pippin and Oatmeal from @goldengoodnessinfinity seem to be having a great time!


Enzo from @goldensdopark is going full out!!

enzo For more great golden photos, follow @TheDailyGolden on Instagram.  Did you do anything special to spoil your golden today?

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Today is “Love Your Pet Day”

Just discovered that apparently today, February 20, is “Love Your Pet Day.”

English: Love heart
English: Love heart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you know this?  Are you doing anything special for your pet(s) today?

Where To Put Your Dog’s Poop? – There’s An App For That!

Tonight I discovered a free app for iphone/ipod/ipad where you can tag and find places to dump your dogs poop, (aka waste bins) and locate pet friendly services/locations.  Yep, there’s an app for that! (are we surprised?)


Users receive “stars” or “points” for tagging and using the app (and the waste bins!) that they can redeem for gift vouchers, for what, I’m not exactly sure.  The app is community based and there is also the option to share photos of your dog with other app users.

screenshot -
screenshot –

Check out for details.


Police Rescue Drowning Golden Retriever

This one happened close to home.  In Ancaster, Ontario, Max, a golden retriever was trapped in ice in a two acre pond struggling for survival for at least 45 minutes while the family, including 4 young  children, watched in horror.  Instead of risking their lives, the Stam family did the right thing and called for help.  A special marine unit from the Hamilton Police Service who are trained in ice rescue responded with their gear.  Cst Marty Bushell swam out and pulled the dog to safety while his partner James Suthery had his back.

Photo:  Scott Gardner/The Hamilton Spectator
Photo: Scott Gardner/The Hamilton Spectator

Max was taken to the vet and given a clean bill of health. The children made a card for the police officers to thank them.

Credit:  Scott Gardner/The Hamilton Spectator
Credit: Scott Gardner/The Hamilton Spectator

Message here is “no ice is safe ice” says Cst. Suthery.  If your dog is trapped in ice, please call police or fire, do not try to rescue the dog yourself!

I love happy endings!

For the full story from The Hamilton Spectator click here.

Golden Retriever Works At Dental Office

Brooke is a four year old golden retriever with a part time job.  Her owner, Dr. Paul Weiss works at a pediatric dental office, and he brings four legged companion with him to the office two days a week.  Brooke is a trained therapy dog.

Brooke helps ease the kids fear of dental work by laying and cuddling with the child during procedures.


In one article in the  The Globe and Mail, Amberly McAteer writes  “Even for a dog-loving, dentist-fearing girl, this is going too far.”

Dogs at the office? – Fine, but this is taking it too far.

Some of the comments in the articles question if this is sanitary.  Weiss says the office is thoroughly cleaned and Brooke has baths before her shifts at the office.  Personally, I wouldn’t mind snuggling with a golden while having my teeth worked on.

Video from

Please take a minute and leave your feedback.  Do you think this is going too far?

Another Free Audiobook For Your Golden Retriever – Yalu and The Puppy Room

Yalu and The Puppy Room is a story about a 6 week old golden retriever living in a shelter waiting for her forever home.  There are some parts that are rather sad, when all of the other dogs, including Yalu’s brothers and sisters, are getting adopted, but Yalu eventually finds her perfect forever home, with lots and lots of grass!   The golden retriever tells the story, so its extra cute to play for your dog!

Book cover for Yalu and the Puppy Room. (PRNewsFoto/Little Brown Dog)

Here’s the free audiobook on YouTube.

Tucker and I give the story two thumbs up! (pretend Tucker has thumbs, okay!)

The story is written by Brian T Yates and  and is based on the real story of how his dog chose their family.  Brian is working on his next book Yalu and the Stinky Stink – where Yalu gets sprayed by, you guessed it – a skunk.

Yalu The Puppy Dog is a great site for kids with puzzles and pictures of Yalu.  (those puzzles come in 80 piece classic too, fur us grown ups 😉 )

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