Sports-Loving Golden Retriever Georges Watching The World Cup

This golden retriever internet star doesn’t care what sport, or team…he just loves to watch sports.   According to YouTube poster Bearaids “He will watch the games for hours and doesn’t care who wins or loses, as long as he can watch them play”   Here is Georges cheering on players during The World Cup.

See more Georges watching sports at the YouTube Channel Bearaids




Jimmy Fallon’s Golden Retriever Makes an Appearance on The Tonight Show

This huge Jimmy Fallon fan was happy to see “Gary Frick” on The Tonight Show last night.  She did a pretty good job!  Jimmy was promoting Purina Beggin Party Poppers and Gary was posing as the host, with Jimmy’s arms.  Here’s a link to the video:


There is hope for more Puppy Predictors yet!

Peaches Geldof and her Golden Retriever “Parpy”

Yesterday I was shocked when I heard the news that Peaches Geldof-Cohen had died at the age of 25.  Just last month she appeared on a show called “Top Dog” with her golden retriever “Parpy”.  Peaches was the middle daughter of musician Bob Geldof, and a model and writer.

Photo:  Pete Dods
Photo: Pete Dods

I followed her on Instagram and loved seeing photos of her and her boys, and her other dog Bogwot, a Newfoundland.


As of this evening, her Instagram account appears to have been deleted. No cause of death has been determined.

Roy Dyer of the Essex Dog Display team had worked with Peaches and Parper just last month and said “She thought the world of her dog Parper, she would talk about how he loved running around at home and in her garden.”

Peaches had a golden retriever named “Flossie” as a child.  She explained to her Instagram followers:
We had a golden retriever growing up her name was Flossie that’s how I knew they were so good with kids apart from all the hype about it anyway
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Heartwarming Chevrolet Commercials staring Golden Retrievers

Wanted to share these recent commercials from Chevrolet that I just discovered.  Update:  These were submissions to a contest for Chevrolet, and have not aired by Chevy, although they own the rights.
Grab the Kleenex.


A boy and his Dog

Golden Retriever helps Grant Childs’ Make-A-Wish Dream

Ricochet the surfice dog is doing what she does best, making others lives a little brighter.  This time it was with cancer fighter Caleb Acosta.  Caleb has stage for brain cancer.

Caleb and Ricochet - Facebook/SurfDogRicochet
Caleb and Ricochet – Facebook/SurfDogRicochet

The Make A Wish Foundation contacted Ricochet’s owner, Judy Fridono, after Caleb saw Ricochet surfing with children on ESPN. Judy and Ricochet were moved and honored to help make Caleb’s dream come true.

On February 12, 2014, Caleb and Ricochet met at Del Mar Dog Beach in California where Caleb’s wish was granted.  He was able to escape his pain and suffering and had an amazing time, and I’m pretty sure Ricochet didn’t mind either.

Once again, thanks so much for all you do Judy and Ricochet!  Please check out their Facebook page and tell them The Daily Golden sent you.

Also, please take a moment if you can to visit Caleb’s page and send him your love at

Cancer-stricken Caleb Acosta granted wish to surf with Ricochet the surfing dog – ABC10News

Ricochet the Surf Dog Grants Wish of Terminally Ill Teen – LiveWithDogsTV

Is this The End for Puppy Predictors?

7 adorable golden retriever puppies were on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night.  Here is the Puppy Predictors – 2014 Superbowl Edition!  Will this be the last of “Puppy Predictors?” or will Jimmy Fallon feature them on his new gig on The Tonight Show when he takes over for Jay Leno on February 17th?  We will have to wait and see…Regardless, I am a huge Jimmy Fallon fan, (did you know he has a golden retriever named “Gary?) and I wish him all the best, Puppy Predictors or not.


Buzzfeed has a great article on the accuracy of the Puppy Predictors.  When there are only two options, such as sporting events (unlike best picture at the Oscars) the puppies always chose the bowl on their right.

How Accurate Have Jimmy Fallon’s Puppy Predictors Been at Predicting the Outcome of Sporting Events? – Buzzfeed

In case this is the end, I nominate Harper Lee to carry on the tradition..”The Golden Predictor”

My Big Pick for the Big Game – TheK9HarperLee

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Golden Retriever Puppy in Clydesdale Budweiser Commercial?

I’m not sure these are purebred golden retrievers. Regardless, assuming “Warm Springs Puppy Adoption” isn’t an actual place, this video is absolutely heartwarming, as are all of the Budweiser Clydesdale Superbowl commercials. This video was posted yesterday and already has over 19 million views.  Dogs are definitely taking over the Superbowl!!


Are these puppies goldens? (Not that it matters, other than the fact that this blog is about golden retrievers. I have nothing against cute puppies, just the people who breed them sometimes – I call them “greeders”) and did you find “Warm Springs Puppy Adoption” a little disturbing?  Could the word adoption not be replaced with “farm” or “mill”?   Where do they get the puppies??   Budweiser, was that part really necessary?  As someone who supports rescue and hobby breeders of healthy and sound purebred dogs, and being that millions of dogs die in shelters each year, am I overreacting?

Just for the record, the reason this video came on my radar was from an article from The Mother Nature Network where they refer to the dogs as golden retrievers.

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Golden Retrievers star in Subaru Commercials – Meet the Barkleys!

I saw the most adorable commercial this morning and it turns out that there is a whole series of them!! 5 that I was able to find.  The commercials feature a “family” of golden retrievers (and a sweet lab) called “The Barkleys”.


The dad is played by “Augie” from Canada (yay!)  Mom “Stevie” is a yellow lab rescue who only began her training about 6 months ago!  “Sadie” is 6 months old.  She plays the teenager, and this is her first gig too.   Finally, the sweet puppy is played by “Sebastion”, who apparently didn’t mind riding in the car seat at all!  Information on the Barkleys can be found on the Subaru Dogs site.

This is the one I saw on TV, and it happens to be my favorite…

This one is called “In the Dog House”


“Turn signal” – because even golden retrievers only have so much patience!

Road Trip!  Count me in!

Subaru has all kinds of commercials featuring dogs.  You can check them all out on their YouTube channel, even some cute “bloopers” but I couldn’t find any containing the goldens/lab.  Perhaps because they are pretty much perfect??!!!

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Golden Retriever Stars in Time Machine Video – Needs Your Votes!

Hogan is a golden retriever from Scottsdale Arizona who is featured in one of the Top 5 commercials vying for a chance to be viewed during the Superbowl. (as well as 1 million dollars!)  Doritos is holding a Crash The Superbowl VIII Contest and have narrowed the finalists down to 5.  The video was created by Ryan Thomas Anderson and also stars his adorable son Gavin.


Check out this video and vote HERE once a day until January 24 to see this adorable boy on screens all over the world.  You can also support his Twitter and Facebook pages.  Good luck Ryan, Gavin and Hogan!

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