What’s With the Weight Limit? – Golden Retrievers not allowed in many Pet Friendly Hotels

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Where I’m from, many of the hotels that advertise that they are “pet friendly”, say something like this in the finer print:*

We welcome dogs up to 40 pounds and over 6 months of age” – The Westin Harbour Caslte, Toronto.  (they even get an adorable dog “heavenly bed”)

Eaton Chelsea’s policy says “We allow small- to medium-sized cats and dogs to stay with you at Eaton Chelsea because we know how hard it is to have a family vacation without the entire family.” (unless you have a big dog)

Four Seasons allow pets (20 lbs or less) for no additional fee” – Four Seasons Toronto

Kind of funny how many Canadians still use the the imperial system in their policies, but I’m personally glad they do, cause I don’t know kilograms.

It appears the Motel 6 has decided to use some common sense.  Their policy is basically, sure, bring your dog, but if it screws up, you’re outta here.  They do not indicate a weight restriction.  That sounds reasonable to me.

And then there’s these…

For the safety and security of our guests, we do not allow pets in the hotel. The hotel does allow service dogs for the disabled.” – The Best Western Primrose

Service animals are welcome at this hotel. Sorry, no other pets are allowed. ”  – Days Inn – Toronto East Beaches

I for one want to know, what is with the size restriction?  I would like a reasonable explanation.  I know the bigger the dog the more fur, but sometimes smaller dogs can be destructive or aggressive, and furrier!  There’s a lot to be said about a well groomed big dog!  They are usually more docile. Is this discrimination?

There are many people that stay in these hotels that smell worse than my dog, and probably leave behind far more bodily fluids, however they don’t have to pay a $50 sanitation fee.  I would much rather stay in a room after a family with a golden retriever than some …well, you get the idea.

A great site to check for pet friendly hotels is BringFido.com

Personally, I haven’t traveled all that much, and haven’t had to bring Tucker to a hotel, so it hasn’t been a problem.  Has anyone ever been refused at a hotel because of your golden retriever?  Are there any hotels that are exceptional in welcoming them?  What are your experiences in traveling with your golden?  Please share in the comments.

Ice Storm – Weather goes to the dogs,  so dogs go to hotels – The Toronto Star

The 7 Best Pet Friendly Hotel Chains – Foders.com

*These policies are based on hotels in Toronto, Ontario at the time of this post.

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17 thoughts on “What’s With the Weight Limit? – Golden Retrievers not allowed in many Pet Friendly Hotels

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  1. People are so size-ist against larger furry friends. We had so much trouble finding a groomer for Beary who is a golden x malamute because of his size. Honestly, what do they think is going to happen? Are larger dogs more likely to party and trash the rooms? 😉

      1. I was going to say in my earlier response {no offence intended to any of our slighter furry pals} that I have known a couple of crazy dogs in my time, and they would have made the size cut for those hotels!

  2. My humans and I love, love, love this post and could not agree with you more. Indeed, what is the deal with those silly size restrictions? Mommy says that I am far better behaved than most children and a whole lot of adults she sees at hotels, even if I am considered to be “too big” by some hotel chains. And if I weren’t clean and well-behaved, she wouldn’t dream of bringing me out in public much less sharing a hotel room with me. I’ve only stayed at one hotel–the Marriott Residence Inn in the Warehouse District of New Orleans–but I have stayed there a number of times. There is a non-refundable pet deposit that seems more-than-a-little steep, but the hotel is located near some nice green spaces (if you get my drift) and the hotel staff is extremely friendly to its four-legged guests. I just wish other pet humans would take the time to scoop their dogs’ poop in the hotel’s pet potty area . . . but that’s another subject. 😉

    1. Thanks Harper Lee. It’s just not fair. You hit the nail on the head. I would want to bring my smelly dog to a hotel. Tucker smells like cupcakes! (Just a saying!). And he certainly wouldn’t pee in the lobby. I think the higher end chains would allow if you called and explained, but you pay a lot for that.

  3. I had the good fortune to travel the country with Eko, my ridgeback, and had the same problem. Luckily there are a lot of great hotels nationwide that are wising up and removing weight restrictions. Also, I’ve found that the restrictions are more of suggestions. I accidentally checked into a few hotels with limits but never had a problem since Eko was clean, well-behaved and friendly.

  4. If I can, I stay at La Quinta. I have never had a problem with my Golden staying at one. They have no size restrictions, no pet fees and love dogs. There is usually enough green space near the hotels for the dogs. While my experience at Red Roof Inns has not been great. They do allow one dog per room with no size restriction. However they failed to disclose until check in that I could not leave my dog alone in the room. If I did, they would call Animal Services on me. My Golden is crated and does not bark at all. I won’t stay at a Red Roof Inn ever again. I have had mixed results with Days Inn. Comfort Inns and Quality Inns with the size restrictions. I travel with my dogs for AKC and UKC Hunt tests in the Southeastern US.

  5. Although I don’t have a Golden Retriever, I’m frustrated by the accommodation providers who have a size restriction. I would think that little dogs are much more prone to walking and jumping on furniture than larger dogs and as you point out, little dogs can still create a lot of damage if they want to. I can understand the cleaning fees levied on dog owners because some owners are not responsible. I also agree that many two-legged guests are destructive and less hygenic – but we won’t change the basic rules that it is okay for a human/parent to have low standards but the public expects us dog owners/parents to be perfect!

  6. Best Western Pier Point Inn, in Florence Oregon. Great place to stay with your dog. They give you a welcome dog pack with bowls, treats, towels. Staff ooh and ahh about our golden. Plus it’s just a nice hotel right on the water. They have a small, but very nice restaurant and bar on site.

  7. Oh! Well, none of this seems fair to me! I have never come across a weight restriction before (am in the UK) but it doesn’t seem to make much sense. If you’re going to allow dogs, allow ALL dogs. They all bark and mess etc.
    Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

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