Golden Retriever Puppy in Clydesdale Budweiser Commercial?

I’m not sure these are purebred golden retrievers. Regardless, assuming “Warm Springs Puppy Adoption” isn’t an actual place, this video is absolutely heartwarming, as are all of the Budweiser Clydesdale Superbowl commercials. This video was posted yesterday and already has over 19 million views.  Dogs are definitely taking over the Superbowl!!


Are these puppies goldens? (Not that it matters, other than the fact that this blog is about golden retrievers. I have nothing against cute puppies, just the people who breed them sometimes – I call them “greeders”) and did you find “Warm Springs Puppy Adoption” a little disturbing?  Could the word adoption not be replaced with “farm” or “mill”?   Where do they get the puppies??   Budweiser, was that part really necessary?  As someone who supports rescue and hobby breeders of healthy and sound purebred dogs, and being that millions of dogs die in shelters each year, am I overreacting?

Just for the record, the reason this video came on my radar was from an article from The Mother Nature Network where they refer to the dogs as golden retrievers.

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  1. Looks like a Yellow Lab more than a Golden, but still has the cute factor. Nothing wrong with places that offer puppies for adoption…think you may be overreacting a bit. This is a commercial…not a true story.

      1. No, you weren’t too harsh, and yes, I did notice it, but it didn’t bother me. I’m in Alberta (Canada) and we have many dog rescue places here that offer dogs for adoption – most of them rely merely on private donations for funding other than the little amount they charge, so I have no problem with them when you consider the alternative – I’d rather see an adoption place (private or public) take them than have them thrown out like trash which happens way too often. Anyway….I understand your point, but even the name “Warm Springs” made it sound like a welcoming place for dogs that nobody wants. As for the horses…what can you say, they’re the best!

  2. Its a great ad! Clydesdales & puppies – what can go wrong? A couple of rescue pups from here (close to St. Louis) were used as well as a breeder in CA, according to the rescue group. Promotes warmness all around. They may be labs or goldens or both! 🙂 Definitely makes you smile.

  3. Can I say dog snob! We currently have a purebred Golden Retriever who is wonderful, and previously had a purebred yellow Lab who was wonderful. This puppy is the picture of our lab puppy. I for the life of me can not understand what you find wrong with this commercial, we do not approve of puppy mills, but what would make you think that is what this is. No more of the daily golden for me. You are just plain goofy , you are not near as sweet and kind as a golden.

    1. Sorry to hear that Virginia. Apparently you feel I was over reacting. Just passionate about puppies, and concerned where they would get a steady flow of them, but as Ellie commented, sometimes they are thrown away like trash.

      1. Of course! Home of Wayne Gretzky! Went to school in Ottawa and came to Alberta after living in Kitchener-Waterloo for 5 years. Nice to meet you fellow Ontarian (although I’m officially an Albertan now….been here since ’71)

      2. Hello
        I am a confirmed Labrador Believer, (AKA dog snob)
        Obviously, the puppies shown are Yellow Labradors.
        Per the guest on Charlie Rose last night, 8 puppies from the same litter were used in the video; however, she also referred to them as Goldens.
        So sad – I’d love to get my hands around one of them.


    2. I have a purebred Golden too…and I once had a Yellow Lab…as far as I’m concerned, any dog from the Retriever family is No. 1 – think this time YOU may be being a little harsh – “The Daily Golden” was sort of making a point about puppy mills, etc. but I really think you may be overreacting in saying that you’re done with this site – it’s a great site if you love Goldens or any dog – you may want to reconsider….or not!

      1. I know that. Personally, I think a lot of people might think Virginia is a “dog snob” because of her need to make it clear that she’s had purebred dogs….I love all dogs, don’t care what breed they are – I have a purebred Golden because none of the shelters or rescue agencies had any and that’s the breed I wanted. I wouldn’t care if she was a purebred or not. Dog people sure can be funny (as in a tad strange) at times! You have plenty of followers – it’s all good.

  4. I’m surprised the pro-adoption, pro-rescues, pro-shelter people aren’t more upset about this. It’s one thing to gloss this over as it being “just a commercial,” but another thing to completely ignore the fact that the masses viewing this commercial that know nothing about adoption will think going to a breeder is completely fine while dogs in shelters die every day. You or I may think it’s “nice” that the put the word “adoption” on a sign, but when you see a barn full of puppies and a ranch in the country, the last thing you think of is a rescue or shelter. You think of a breeding compound. People are aren’t educated about dogs dying in shelters every day will never know dogs die in shelters every day if this is how rescues are depicted. Breeding is NOT synonymous with adoption, but the uneducated will think buying from a breeder is just another name for adoption. Totally false. Bud missed a HUGE opportunity here.

    1. Chris, while I agree with some of the things you said, keep a couple of things in mind. This IS a commercial – what name should they have used instead to make it ok with you? I don’t like puppy mills any more than you or anyone else here does, but let’s not all get out of our heads blaming Budweiser for this. There ARE reputable adoption agencies all over the place. I personally bought my Golden from a reputable breeder because I did my research. It’s one thing to be against people who just breed dogs for money and people who really care for them. Give Budweiser a break – I’m sure they aren’t saying “breed as many cute puppies as you can – maybe we’ll use one in our next commercial.” Geez. Calm down.

      1. No, no no, Ellie. You’re missing the point. Obviously not everyone is uneducated, but when you are a huge company like Budweiser and you make a commercial like this, there are masses of people who will be watching that know nothing about adoption and will THINK that buying a dog from a breeder is actually adopting. Well, no, you not adopting. Pretty simple.

        And I don’t care what anyone says, you could be a “reputable breeder” who could care less about profit. Fact remains that even though those people might be “responsible,” they’re still getting people to buy a dog that they bred when there are millions of other dogs dying in shelters. Again, if people claim to care for saving dogs and loving them so much, why on earth would anyone want to steal a chance from a puppy in shelter and breed more dogs when there are already WAY too many that need homes? Am I crazy? I feel like I am. I know I’m not the only one in this boat..

      2. OK, point taken. You’re not crazy. People will always want a purebred from a breeder (reputable of course) and that will never change. I just think in a Super Bowl commercial, they were not trying to make a point about “dog issues” they were just trying to appeal to the masses, and did that, that’s all.

    2. And here I go again….Chris wrote: ” People are aren’t educated about dogs dying in shelters every day will never know dogs die in shelters every day” – well yes, people ARE educated about this – why are you clumping everyone together saying that because we agree with adoption/shelter/rescue agencies we’re ignorant to the fact that dogs die every day? I bought my dog because that’s the breed I wanted – I have several friends who didn’t care about breed, just wanted a dog, and they got them from rescue organizations. The world isn’t perfect, for animals or people. I give these rescue/adoption places big kudos for doing what they can. Budweiser missed no opportunity – they made a nice commercial.

      1. OK fine, don’t go to a breeder, go to a shelter or a rescue agency…whatever. The fact still remains that this is a Super Bowl commercial, and will be seen by the majority as “cute” and they won’t even be thinking of how dogs are treated. I’m done with this.

      2. Thanks for all the comments Ellie. I really did enjoy the commercial and managed to generate some “buzz” I suppose. I would like to think we all have the best interests of dogs in mind, regardless of how we perceived the commercial.

      3. Exactly, and I’m not going to argue about breeders vs rescue agencies. It’s a fact of life – and not just dogs. Imagine the Kentucky Derby with a field of rescue horses – or maybe that’s what everyone wants – I don’t know. I’m not “done” with this site, just done with the conversation – we’ll agree to disagree with people, it’s allowed. Keep up the good work TDG!

  5. Definitely yellow lab pups. Take it to the bank. I think the point of having the adoption center is to generate clients for rescue operations. It is a good thought. These pups in the ad actually are from a reputable labrador retriever breeder, not a puppy mill at all (a friend of mine bred their grandsire) and are puppy actors, not actually rescue puppies.

  6. Daily Golden you are right on. I would have loved to have seen the sign say Warm Springs Animal Shelter and the dog that loved his horse so much he couldn’t stay away be a mixed breed adult. That would have made my heart sing. Budweiser missed a huge opportunity to really showcase how wonderfully affectionate and loyal a rescued dog can be.

    1. Thanks Donna. Haven’t heard much buzz about this, so apparently we are the “few” Seems to be a favorite. I would like to think Budweiser was trying to send a good message, but slightly missed the mark 😉

  7. Hi. The commercial shows “Warm Springs Puppy Adoption” because the Clydesdale horses live a Warm Springs Ranch, and this was the means of placing the puppy next door to the horse for the story line. The slip-up, if we may call it that, was that it appeared that pup was born there, and that he was sold instead of adopted. But still a great commercial.

    1. Thanks David. You are right, it is still a great commercial, just wondered if anyone else got the first impression that I did… and I think I’m going to go watch it again! Goldens or not…PUPPIES!!!

  8. There was a bit about the commercial on one of the shows last night. Said the puppy is now living on a farm in Oregon. She is a yellow Lab and a beautiful girl!

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