Dear Blog Followers…What’s Happenin’ @ The Daily Golden

This one’s not for the Google search engines, or my Twitter, Instagram or Facebook followers…this one is for the blog followers, who have been faithful throughout the last two years of my blogging – sometimes random stuff, sometimes sad stuff, and sometimes happy stuff.  And of course the occasional post about my beloved Tucker.


Lately, my posts have been very limited.  It’s not that there hasn’t been anything to blog about, it’s simply that I haven’t had the ambition, or the time, depending on the day….It’s the coldest winter on record in the last million years or something…and I have been dealing with lots of other stuff that I will not bore you with.

Here’s the part where I ask…what is it that you like most about my blog?  How can I go forward in 2014?  Do you watch my “golden video of the week”? and does it make your day?

Basically, I suppose I’m looking for a little reassurance, and some insight.  I am also always looking for pictures or stories or “golden retriever(s) of the month”.

This is a link to my last year’s blog report…

Thanks for sticking with me through this time.  Here’s to the future of the best golden retriever blog ever 😉


30 thoughts on “Dear Blog Followers…What’s Happenin’ @ The Daily Golden

Add yours

  1. I just recently found your blog and get excited when there is a new post. I love the pictures and videos. I hope you continue with the blog because it really makes my day. I’m a bit obsessed about goldens and have two of my own.

  2. Being relatively new to the world of Golden Retrievers, I’m always eager to read/watch your blog posts. Best wishes…

  3. I enjoy reading your blog or watching the videos. Anything related to goldens is always interesting for me. Joy

  4. Funny that you should say all this because I am suffering from the same problem. I love to blog but time and travel and winter and life have all made it really hard sometimes. I personally like your stories when they happen and your pictures. I don’t watch the videos that often because I need to be on the laptop to see them well. Keep doing it when you can, and don’t feel pressure or guilt. Blogging is about having furry fun, and you are part of my furry family. – Lorian at

  5. My entire family loves your blog, photos and videos. We just loss our beautiful golden Samson and your site makes us smile.

  6. Keep those posts coming! I look forward to getting your pics and videos. I am the mama to an 11 year old full blooded golden, He has brought so much joy into the lives of my family members. Btw, his name is Mikey. Sheila

  7. Love your blog. It’s one of the first ones I started following a little over a year ago. I’m obsessed with anything about Golden Retrievers, and I love watching the videos and getting all the latest news from you. Sometimes inspiration and motivation can be a challenge (trust me; I went through it the last two months, too), but just know that we’re always here and always happy to hear from you!

  8. I love the stories about Tucker – he reminds me of my golden. While I’m away from her (at school), I live vicariously through you and Tucker.

  9. I love your blog! Of course…… look who’s on your cover page 🙂 You have given the Sundogs star status. Like Miss Harper Lee I love anything Golden. I might not have time to see every post or video if I am busy blogging myself or NOT blogging cuz a busy life but I’d say I read %80 of the posts and % of the videos. The video’s have become a inspiration for me. I try to video my dogs but it is tougher for me than still photography. I hope I can get some good videos of Sasha’a puppies this year.

    1. Oh Jo! Thank you for letting me keep that header for so long! I am going to send you a barkbox or something when the motivation returns…and I am very much anticipating the new arrival and photos. I get the video thing…I’m still trying to master the photos! Give Sasha a big kiss from us, am hoping for a beautiful, healthy bunch!

  10. Really enjoy your blog. We have a six year old Golden girl who is always our bright spot. I read your blog and love the photos, so blog when you can and enjoy yourself! Thanks for doing what you do!

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