Is this The End for Puppy Predictors?

7 adorable golden retriever puppies were on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night.  Here is the Puppy Predictors – 2014 Superbowl Edition!  Will this be the last of “Puppy Predictors?” or will Jimmy Fallon feature them on his new gig on The Tonight Show when he takes over for Jay Leno on February 17th?  We will have to wait and see…Regardless, I am a huge Jimmy Fallon fan, (did you know he has a golden retriever named “Gary?) and I wish him all the best, Puppy Predictors or not.


Buzzfeed has a great article on the accuracy of the Puppy Predictors.  When there are only two options, such as sporting events (unlike best picture at the Oscars) the puppies always chose the bowl on their right.

How Accurate Have Jimmy Fallon’s Puppy Predictors Been at Predicting the Outcome of Sporting Events? – Buzzfeed

In case this is the end, I nominate Harper Lee to carry on the tradition..”The Golden Predictor”

My Big Pick for the Big Game – TheK9HarperLee

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Golden Retriever Puppy in Clydesdale Budweiser Commercial?

I’m not sure these are purebred golden retrievers. Regardless, assuming “Warm Springs Puppy Adoption” isn’t an actual place, this video is absolutely heartwarming, as are all of the Budweiser Clydesdale Superbowl commercials. This video was posted yesterday and already has over 19 million views.  Dogs are definitely taking over the Superbowl!!


Are these puppies goldens? (Not that it matters, other than the fact that this blog is about golden retrievers. I have nothing against cute puppies, just the people who breed them sometimes – I call them “greeders”) and did you find “Warm Springs Puppy Adoption” a little disturbing?  Could the word adoption not be replaced with “farm” or “mill”?   Where do they get the puppies??   Budweiser, was that part really necessary?  As someone who supports rescue and hobby breeders of healthy and sound purebred dogs, and being that millions of dogs die in shelters each year, am I overreacting?

Just for the record, the reason this video came on my radar was from an article from The Mother Nature Network where they refer to the dogs as golden retrievers.

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Golden Retrievers star in Subaru Commercials – Meet the Barkleys!

I saw the most adorable commercial this morning and it turns out that there is a whole series of them!! 5 that I was able to find.  The commercials feature a “family” of golden retrievers (and a sweet lab) called “The Barkleys”.


The dad is played by “Augie” from Canada (yay!)  Mom “Stevie” is a yellow lab rescue who only began her training about 6 months ago!  “Sadie” is 6 months old.  She plays the teenager, and this is her first gig too.   Finally, the sweet puppy is played by “Sebastion”, who apparently didn’t mind riding in the car seat at all!  Information on the Barkleys can be found on the Subaru Dogs site.

This is the one I saw on TV, and it happens to be my favorite…

This one is called “In the Dog House”


“Turn signal” – because even golden retrievers only have so much patience!

Road Trip!  Count me in!

Subaru has all kinds of commercials featuring dogs.  You can check them all out on their YouTube channel, even some cute “bloopers” but I couldn’t find any containing the goldens/lab.  Perhaps because they are pretty much perfect??!!!

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Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retriever vs Raccoon

This fight features champion Teddy the golden retriever vs. Francis the baby raccoon. It is absolutely adorable.

Dear Blog Followers…What’s Happenin’ @ The Daily Golden

This one’s not for the Google search engines, or my Twitter, Instagram or Facebook followers…this one is for the blog followers, who have been faithful throughout the last two years of my blogging – sometimes random stuff, sometimes sad stuff, and sometimes happy stuff.  And of course the occasional post about my beloved Tucker.


Lately, my posts have been very limited.  It’s not that there hasn’t been anything to blog about, it’s simply that I haven’t had the ambition, or the time, depending on the day….It’s the coldest winter on record in the last million years or something…and I have been dealing with lots of other stuff that I will not bore you with.

Here’s the part where I ask…what is it that you like most about my blog?  How can I go forward in 2014?  Do you watch my “golden video of the week”? and does it make your day?

Basically, I suppose I’m looking for a little reassurance, and some insight.  I am also always looking for pictures or stories or “golden retriever(s) of the month”.

This is a link to my last year’s blog report…

Thanks for sticking with me through this time.  Here’s to the future of the best golden retriever blog ever 😉

Golden Retriever Rescue Featured on “Ellen”

Wellesley, MA – On December 22, Wellesley Firefighters and Police rescued Crosby, a golden retriever, after she had run out on the ice  on the Charles River chasing a squirrel.  The story made national news, and was even featured on People and CNN.

On January 10, the Wellesley firefighters posted on their Facebook page

I am going to have to post this very slowly to fully allow it to sink in….On Tuesday the 14th, four of our Wellesley Firefighter members will be on the Ellen Degeneres Show!!! One more time to allow it to marinate for a bit….Four of our Wellesley Firefighter members will be on the Ellen Degeneres Show on Tuesday the 14th…

Crosby - Wellesley Firefighters/Facebook
Crosby – Wellesley Firefighters/Facebook

Today on Ellen, the firefighters were featured, along with Amy Kopinos, Crosby’s owner.  The firefighters, Wellesley Fire Captain Jim Dennehy, Paul Delaney, Dave Papazian, and Joan Cullinan,  were each awarded with a PFD and a Caribbean vacation. Crosby was also gifted with a life jacket!

Here’s video of the original story courtesy of Wellesley Police:

Another reminder to keep those doggies close near frozen waters!!

Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retriever Mimics Siren

This video by Yamato Suzuki from Japan has been going viral this last week.  It is a 30 second MUST WATCH!

11 Golden Retriever Puppies Stolen, Returned Home Safely

Hi everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and are enjoying 2014!  Things have been busy and I have been lacking in my blogging.  Hope to get back into the groove now.  Still looking for a golden retriever of the month for January, and anyone interested in doing a guest post on a topic you are passionate about.  Email me at

11 puppies were stolen on the 6 or 7 of January in Westwell, England and it ended up being all over the local media.  9 of the puppies were 7 weeks old and had not been vaccinated or micro chipped.  The other two were 9 weeks old, and had been both vaccinated and micro chipped.  Apparently they were being raised in a heated garage on a vacant property but being visited during the day.


The owners searched frantically, and eventually, after a tip on The Dog Lost website, the puppies were located in a garage, and returned to their owners/breeders.


Joy as 11 pedigree golden retriever puppies found safe after being stolen from house in Westwell Near Ashford –

Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retriever Facts

This brilliant video was written and produced by Ben Stumpf and Matt Pagourgis   I discovered it on The Pet Collective – my favorite source for pet videos.  It shares clips of previous golden videos I have shared, but with a dramatic voiceover with witty sayings like “Today, we’re looking at the pups that Midas touched” and  “cloudy with a chance of tennis balls”   And the ending!!!!

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