It’s That Time of Year..Near Water? Keep an Eye on Your Golden Retriever(s)!

I posted several reports last year of goldens on the ice/water.  Some ended well, others didn’t.  If you are near frozen waters, please keep an eye on your dogs at all times…there are too many of these incidents to report!!!  (Please share with anyone who owns a dog and has access to frozen bodies of water!!)

Hopewell Township, NJ – Here’s a story (with video) about 2 golden retrievers, Trixie and Ruby, from New Jersey who

Race (Photo credit: samikki)

ventured out onto the icy waters after escaping their home (it happens to the best of us, let’s not judge)   After 20 minutes, they were rescued by the Union Company Fire & Rescue Squad.

Fire Crews Rescue 2 Golden Retrivers from Curtis Lake in  Hopewell Township –


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  1. Reblogged this on GRREATTimes and commented:
    You hear stories of dogs rescued from the icy depths after falling through the ice. Yes, most are Goldens or Labs. Please watch where both you and your dog step during these cold, icy months.

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