Golden Video of the Week – Puppy Opens Present

Lacey enjoying her first Christmas.   The cuteness…I can hardly stand it.


Golden Retriever of the Month – Troy!

This is Troy from Southern California. He is a 9 year old golden retriever that was found on Craigslist at the age of 6. The ad read: “5 year old Golden Retriever needs a home.. please call.” It had no photo, and no reason why. Troy went to his “furever home” that night with his new owner.


Troy’s favorite treats are anything sweet potato or peanut butter! His human says “His favorite thing in the world to do is swim. I have to force him to stop or he would literally go for hours. He doesn’t even need anything to chase he just wants to swim, but his favorite thing to retrieve is definitely a stick


Like most goldens, Troy likes to bring you things when you come home, or to company when they arrive – “One of Troy’s quirks I guess would be he HAS to put something in his mouth when I get home, or when someone comes over. His usual choice is the remote control that sits on the coffee table. If that’s not there he goes for a shoe, a water bottle, a dish towel, or anything he can find that isn’t an actual dog bone or toy.” (Tucker is the same way, thankfully he hasn’t tried it with the remote yet, its usually shoes or bones!)



I discovered Troy through Instagram, and wanted to share a few photos of him at the permission of his owner. You can follow Troy on Instagram at @janellekayli and on Facebook at

Here’s some pictures of Troy doing what he loves best, amazing Instagram photos I might add…

Unfortunately, “Troy was diagnosed with lymphoma Aug 2013. He went into remission after 6 chemo treatments. He still has 3 months left of chemo but so far so good. He’s had only positive reactions!” You can follow his updates or donate to his treatments here:

Despite all of this, Troy likes to live life to the fullest…


Thankfully, Troy is in great hands! Wishing you all the best Troy and Janelle!


It’s That Time of Year..Near Water? Keep an Eye on Your Golden Retriever(s)!

I posted several reports last year of goldens on the ice/water.  Some ended well, others didn’t.  If you are near frozen waters, please keep an eye on your dogs at all times…there are too many of these incidents to report!!!  (Please share with anyone who owns a dog and has access to frozen bodies of water!!)

Hopewell Township, NJ – Here’s a story (with video) about 2 golden retrievers, Trixie and Ruby, from New Jersey who

Race (Photo credit: samikki)

ventured out onto the icy waters after escaping their home (it happens to the best of us, let’s not judge)   After 20 minutes, they were rescued by the Union Company Fire & Rescue Squad.

Fire Crews Rescue 2 Golden Retrivers from Curtis Lake in  Hopewell Township –

Car Offered As Reward for Missing Golden Retriever

Elizabethtown KY – Beloved 3 year old golden retriever Bella has been missing for over two weeks.  Mike and Ashley Burns have been married for 10 years and have no children, except for their two dogs, Marley and Bella.

The dogs ran off 2 days before Thanksgiving, and Marley was found the next day by Animal Control, but Bella is still out there somewhere.

The Burns have offered their Pontiac that has a black book value of $3100 as a reward for Bella’s return.

Mike Burns says, “We want people to take the car. We don’t want people to say I’ll give you your dog back, we don’t want the car. We want people to know that this is payment or a reward, however you want to look at it, for bringing our dog back.”

Bella was not wearing her collar when she escaped, is spayed, and weighs about 75 lbs.  She has bald patches just below her neck.  If you have any information on Bella, please contact the Burns at 270-307-3714

Full story with video from WDRB news – Car is reward for finding lost dog

Viroqua Firefighters Rescue Golden Retriever with Jaws of Life

Vernon Co, WI – Mercedes the golden retriever was rescued on December 05 by Viroqua firefighters after she had been missing for almost two weeks.  She was last seen on November 22. The Jaws of Life were used to free her from a storm drain located right across from her home.  It isn’t clear how long she had been trapped.

Seth Young -
Seth Young –

Aside from being hungry and thirsty, she is doing well and back at the home she shares with her family, which includes four very happy children, and is getting extra snuggles!

For the full story with video from click here.

Blind Golden Retriever “Ray Charles” Nominated for Pet of the Year

Calling all golden lovers!! Ray Charles would like your vote for “Pet of the Year”.  The Today Show‘s Orange Room Awards have nominated Ray and a few other amazing pets that have taken the internet by storm in 2013.

ray pyjamas

Other nominees include a pig in a wheelchair, the blind dog with his seeing eye brother in rescue, and a really cute coonhound who poses on all kinds of objects.  They are all really worth watching!

It is very simple to vote, no email or login required.  I noticed after I voted that it says you have to be in the US to vote, but it still accepted my vote.  Hey!  I am from Canada and have grown up watching The Today Show!  I should be able to vote 🙂

As of the time of this post, Ray Charles is in the lead by over 10%.  Hurry!  Voting closes December 6, 2013 at 12:00 P.M. ET   Click here to go and vote!

Do You Have A Nickname For Your Golden Retriever?

I have several nicknames for Tucker.  “Little Guy” “Stinky old Guy”, “Sweet Face”, “Sir Poops Alot” ..the list goes on and on.  This is just a silly, fun post.  I am curious to know what you call you golden(s)  Please share in the comments or #goldenretrievernicknames on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  For even more fun, share a picture that captures the “nickname”

Thanks to @colleenconway of Instagram for allowing me to share this photo of her “schmoozle” the late “Summer”


Here she is again, she also gets the nickname “Summersault”


One more example, TT Cruiser, from @goldenceramics on Instagram.


And “Dexter Deuteronomy” the Nuclear Power Puppy from Delta BC @bbear604


Sorry I couldn’t resize these pictures with quality…Thanks in advance for participating!  I know you have a “pet name” for your dog!

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