Golden Retrievers of the Month – Spencer and Penny

The Daily Golden usually has a Golden Retriever of the Month.  This month, I have selected two.  Spencer, 4 and his neice Penny, 1, live together with their cat Shelby in Holliston, Massachusetts.  Their day often includes a trip to their “human’s” office, a photography studio, where they are often forced into hard labor, posing for photographs…

Photo: The Henry Studio

While Spencer is very calm and docile, Penny is quite the opposite, she is so excitable but she tries so hard to contain herself.  She often sits and almost vibrates.

Photo: The Henry Studio

I have always admired the beautiful photos on Spencer and Penny’s Facebook page, but the night I saw the video of  them sitting on the stairs waving goodnight, I fell in love with these beautiful goldens!

IMG_9912Another one of my favorite things about this pair is the fact that the love to carry things in their mouths…even food!


Their owner says  “They both love to carry things and on 90% of their walks they are carrying a frisbee, stick or ball. They both retrieve the mail, carry my lunch into the studio,  and bags of pastries from the coffee shop while I carry the coffees.  All I have to say is pick it up and point. Spencer knows his left from his right.  Penny brings things to the recycle bin and Spencer is trained to get his leash.  Both carry an umbrella on our walk if there is chance of rain (unopened of course)  They love every treat but carrots please them and me!  They both  get to clean the yogurt cup every morning as morning ritual and treat.”

A cute video of Spencer getting the mail….

Spencer and Penny’s owner says “Around lunch time every day Spencer grabs his frisbee and brings it to me and holds it in his mouth until I take him out to play.  Penny likes a big bouncy ball and although she does retrieve it, she prefers to run around with it in her mouth.”


Penny loves every creature equally from humans to frogs.  Twice she has brought in a live frog and dropped it in our house much to my wife’s dismay.  She is very much in love with her cat friend Shelby.  She licks the cats head and cuddles with her constantly and of course an occasional chase that involves a 3 second tour of the entire house.  The cat loves it!”

Spencer and Penny are from Massachusetts, so they like to demonstrate their love for Boston in many ways.

First, there was this beautiful photo posted on their Facebook page after the Boston Marathon tragedy..

Photo: The Henry Studio

And they are also avid Red Socks fans!!  Go Sox!

After speaking with Spencer and Penny’s owner, I discovered that one the viral golden retriever photos I often come across belongs to him, and is a picture of Spencer holding a paper that says “I Will Love You Forever !!”

Photo: The Henry Studio

Here’s the cool part!  The Henry Studio, (that’s S & P’s owner) offers mugs, calendars, mouse-pads etc with this print, as well as other beautiful prints of his dogs.  Check out their Etsy page AllsGolden

To see more beautiful photos and cute videos of these two, go “like” their Facebook page, and tell ’em The Daily Golden sent you! 🙂


Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retriever and a Baby Chick

Alef the golden retriever has made a new friend…a baby chick!

75 Years! The 2013 Golden Retriever Club of America National Specialty

If there was anywhere in the world I would like to be right now, it is in Wichita Falls, Texas, at the Multi-Purpose Events CentreThe Golden Retriever Club of America is celebrating 75 years and a national specialty they have named “Denim, Diamonds and Gold”  hosted by the Dallas-Forth Worth Metro Golden Retriever Club.  Approximately 1500 golden retrievers have traveled across the country and from other countries like Canada to throw their hats in the ring in competitions in conformation, obedience, agility, tracking, rally and field trials taking place from October 20-30, 2013.  Spectators are welcome, and admission is free!!!

GRCA National Specialty 2013 Denim, Diamonds and Gold - Official Logo
GRCA National Specialty 2013 Denim, Diamonds and Gold – Official Logo

Check out their website here for a schedule of events and lots more information.

To stay up to date, follow their Facebook Page 2013 GRCA National Specialty

Here’s a video of Best of Breed at the 2010 GRCA National Specialty, to give you a taste…(sigh)

The 2014 Golden Retriever National Specialty will be held in Asheville, NC on October 25 – November 1st.  Click here for details.

Congratulations to The Golden Retriever Club of America on 75 years!!!!

Related article:  More than 1500 Golden Retrievers to Converge on Henrietta – The Clay County Pioneer Sentinel

*If anyone has any photos, wins, brags or news to share from this event, please email me at   I would love to hear from you!!!

Did Adam Levine and Bahati Prinsloo Get A New Golden Retriever Puppy?

I have to admit I was kinda bummed when I reported that Maroon 5 front man and judge on The Voice Adam Levine got a “golden doodle” for his birthday back in June. After saying goodbye to his previous golden, Frankie Girl, I assumed he may eventually take in another golden into his life (this purely based on personal experience that once you own a golden, nothing compares).

Today my Google searches contained a lot of “Adam Levine new dog Christo” searches.

I did a little investigating and the only thing I could come up with so far were two photos posted on Adam’s fiance Bahatii Prinsloo ‘s Instagram page of a cute little golden retriever puppy. (possibly named “Christo”)

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Behati Prinsloo Levine (@behatiprinsloo) on

View this post on Instagram

Happy Monday. 🐶

A post shared by Behati Prinsloo Levine (@behatiprinsloo) on

If it’s true, congratulations to one super adorable couple!!!

Golden Retriever to Star in Popular Indian TV Series

A Golden Retriever is stealing the show in a popular Indian reality TV show.   Along the lines of Big Brother, Bigg Boss 7 is a television show  with the same type of format.  In previous seasons, Bigg Boss has had a parrot and a fish, but this is the first time a dog has been on India’s most popular reality show on Colors TV.

Heaven in Bigg Boss 7 - Times of India
Heaven in Bigg Boss 7 – Times of India

In an article in The Times of India, a source states:

“The dog will stay inside the house along with the celebrity housemates for as long as the team deems fit. The inmates will be required to take care of his meals. It’s a new element to make the show interesting.”

Click here to see a clip of Heaven inside the Bigg Boss 7 house.  Maybe Heaven will go on to win the whole thing!!  Good Luck!

Live Cam! Golden Retriever Puppy Enrichment Centre

A playground full of Golden Retriever puppies destined to be service dogs can be seen 24/7 playing in a puppy enrichment center created by The Warrior Canine Connection in Brookville, Maryland.

Photo - Holly's Half Dozen - Warrior Canine Connection (not actual litter)
Photo – Holly’s Half Dozen – Warrior Canine Connection (not actual litter)

Introducing Breeze, Derecho, Fluffy, Twister, Abby, Lucy, Grace, Penny, Levi, Ruby, and Blizzard.  Limited time only…enjoy!

Live streaming video by Ustream

Golden Retriever found 600 Miles from Home

Chesterfield, MO – Thanks to a microchip, Honey the golden retriever has been reunited with her family after three months – 600 miles away from home. Honey ran off from a farm on 05 July and the family searched and ran news ads, but no sign of Honey.

Photo KTVI
Photo KTVI

Earlier this month, Emily Wallis received a call from Honey’s vet. Honey had turned up in LaGrange, Georgia wandering along a highway and was taken in by a golden rescue organization.  At first, they were unable to detect Honey’s microchip, and she was almost re-homed to a new family.

One last check located the micro chip and Wallis was contacted by her vet.

When the Wallis’ received the news, they headed south for the 9 hour trip to bring Honey home.  She is now back safe and sound being loved by her family.

Click here for video from Fox News.

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