Top Ten Golden Retrievers of Instagram

The results are in. Here are the Top 10 Golden Retrievers of Instagram! (Not really, this was just for fun, I am brand new on Instagram, but love the community!)

These Instagrammers shared their photos with The Daily Golden and had the most “likes”.  Now we can level the playing field as I am sharing this with all Daily Golden readers.  Please vote for the “Instagrammer” who posted your favorite photo!

Thanks for participating!  You can be more specific in the comments by mentioning your favorite photo.

Looking forward to your feedback!

UPDATE:   I take full responsibility for an error I made tallying the results.  I used an old tally sheet and missed late entry Golden Grace Kelly who comes in at #4.  (So sorry Golden Max, I’m going to keep your photos up for honorable mention and to Grace Kelly for the oversight)

1. @_mamakeek

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Golden. My #goldenretriever for dear @mrswikiwiki

A post shared by Cori (@coris_view) on

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Watch dog.

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Knee-deep in curiosity.

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2. @goldenrex

3. @merilyn

4.  @goldengracekelly

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Repost. #toptengoldenretrieversofinstagram

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Repost. #TopTenGoldenRetrieversofinstagram

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5. @waffleslego

6. @rosebjorn

7. @brotherbear13

8. @jamminjayy

9. @gradythegolden

10. @fredgruber

Honorable Mention:  @golden_max

Please take a second and vote below.


Golden Video of the Week – Ray’s World

This video was made by Debbi McDonough of ( illusionfxslideshows )  It is a tribute to Ray Charles, the blind golden retriever.  It’s a long one, and you might need some kleenex.

Reader Question: Spaying an Older Female Golden Retriever

A Golden Retriever at 12 years old with hip pr...
A Golden Retriever at 12 years old with hip problems (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A reader commented on my post On Cancer and Spaying or Neutering Your Golden Retriever and I thought he raised a few good questions.  Was wondering if anyone had any advice for him.  I have only owned male goldens, so I can’t offer any personal advice.

I am currently fostering a 7 yr old golden who supposedly was a breeder dog. In order to go ahead and adopt her. ( She had some health issues we were fostering her for), she also needs to be spayed. My questions are 1. What are the risks at this age ? 2. Does she really need to be spayed from a health standpoint since she will be staying with us forever at this point. Do dogs still go into heat at this age?

Some points are we have other dogs and everyone including the golden get along perfectly by the way.
I guess my main question is is that is it worth the risk to get her spayed for the sake of getting her spayed?

Does anyone have any advice for Mike?

Adam Levine’s (fairly new) Puppy – “Bones”

Did Maroon 5 frontman and The Voice judge Adam Levine get a new dog?  Adam has yet to mention the death of his golden retriever “Frankie girl” publicly.  I did a blog post back in March about this and it is one of my most viewed posts:

Adam Levine Says Goodbye to His Golden Retriever Frankie Girl

Since there have been several search terms on my blog stats lately including “Adam Levine” “Dog” “Bones” I began searching the internet to try and answer that question and it looks like Adam got himself a “golden doodle” back in March of this year.

Here’s what I have found so far:

1)  A breeder stating she sold one of her golden doodles to Adam Levine.  Apparently he received the dog as a gift.

Cookers Urban Homestead - Golden Doodle Breeder - this photo has the caption "Sold to Adam Levine"
Cookers Urban Homestead – Golden Doodle Breeder – this photo has the caption “Sold to Adam Levine”

My Google search also revealed a Flickr page that looks to belong to the dog’s breeder.  The photo is copyrighted so just click here to view it.  It is accompanied by the following caption:

“I sold this puppy to Adam Levine from Maroon and The Voice in March 2013. He supposedly got the puppy as a birthday gift after his beloved Golden Retriever Frankie passed away. I still have not seen any photos of him with the puppy, but I’m sure they will be surfacing soon! Come on Adam, we want to see your new puppy!!

2)  This was on a forum thread from a site called Bellazon about Adam’s current girlfriend Nina Agdal and it read:

“Sure that is a real dog… Adam got it in March and also Behati has had pictures with it when they were still on / off dating (or she either was with Adam’s family, who is quite fond of her it seems even after their relationship fumbled, because she took this picture with the dog in April I think and they were supposed to be split by then).”

Bones_Adam_DogI think they are referring to the picture on the bottom right.  It almost doesn’t look real! (Click here to visit thread)

3)  An Instagram photo of someone who appears to be backstage at a taping of “The Voice”


4:  And there’s this tweet from Hart Hanson:


So there you have it.  Evidence seems to show that Adam Levine has replaced his beloved golden retriever Frankie girl with a golden doodle…”Bones”.

If you have any photos or information on “Bones” please share them in the comments.

Golden Retriever Killed in Own Home By Neighborhood Dogs

Absecon, NJ – On Saturday morning, Linda Nell and her husband Louis heard their 10 year old golden retriever, Chrissy, barking frantically. When Linda went to investigate, 2 pitt bulls barged through her screen door and began viciously attacking Chrissy.

Linda and her husband Louis tried to get the dogs off of Chrissy. Louis fell on the dogs and also ended up being bit by one of the attacking dogs. Linda called the Absecon Police who arrived and shot one of the pit bulls. The other was taken from the home by Animal Control and reportedly has since been euthanized.

Meanwhile, Chrissy lay dying in the kitchen. Her throat was slit open and she did not survive the attack.


The owners of the pit bulls were not available for comment. One neighbor speculates that a rabid raccoon in the neighborhood is responsible for the behavior of the pit bulls.

73 year old Louis Nell is being treated for a bite on his arm and for rabies at their local hospital.

Full story, complete with video (and graphic photos) here:

Two pit bulls attack and kill neighboring dog –

Golden Retriever Service Dog Left in Car for 2 Hours – Dies

Carrboro, NC – I realize that there are many stories in the news of this happening, but apparently it is still not hitting home with some people.

The temperature outside is not relative to the temperature inside a vehicle, and it only takes minutes to reach temps over 100 degrees even when its only 75 outside.


On June 10, Deb Cunningham learned this lesson the hard way.  Deb is a program director at an organization called Eyes, Ears, Nose and Paws.  They are a non-profit organization that trains and places service and diabetic assistance dogs.

On that particular day, Worthy, a 2 year old golden retriever, was suffering separation anxiety so Cunningham took him to the office.  Worthy had completed his training and was scheduled to be placed with his new client the following week.

Because it was only 73 degrees and she parked in the shade (at high noon with the windows up) Cunningham thought the dog would be fine in the car.  Worthy was left in the car to avoid upsetting him as his foster mom was attending the office that afternoon.

2 hours later, when Cunningham returned to the vehicle, Worthy was unconscious and panting.  When she arrived at the vet his temperature was 109.

EENP Executive director Maria Ikenberry says the car was “not hot” when they discovered Worthy and that he was probably anxious and ran circles in the car and overheated.

Sadly, Worthy suffered cardiac arrest and died the next day at Triangle Veterinary Hospital.

The organization is considering disciplinary actions against Cunningham and The Carborro Police are investigating a charge of animal cruelty.

"Worthy" Photo - Herald Sun
“Worthy” Photo – Herald Sun

R.I.P Worthy.  Here’s a video of Worthy from the EENP Website.

Service dog left in car dies from heatstroke – The Herald Sun

Golden Retriever of the Month – “Goldeny”

June’s Golden Retriever of the Month is Goldeny,  who will be 2 years old on August 13, 2013.

Goldeny has her own Facebook page and YouTube channel is often photographed with flowers in her “hair”


Like Comfort Dog “Prince”, Goldeny also appeared in her “sister’s” school Yearbook.


Goldeny’s favorite toys are squeaky toys…and socks!


This pretty girl was featured in American Dog Magazine “Super Dog Beauty Pageant”  She was 49th place out of over 350 entries.and also in a feature entitled “Famous Dogs on Facebook with Friends”


Goldeny, in typical golden fashion, also loves to visit the beach!


Her “human sister” has been working with her learning tricks.  Goldeny participated in “Dog Idol” in “El Morro Pet Fest” activity and won 2nd place in the trick and obedience category.earlier this year.  She is also an agility student!

Here’s a video of Goldeny doing tricks with her human.  It starts out with basic stuff, but by the end,  her tricks will amaze you!

Great job!  Good luck to you Fabiola and Goldeny, in all your endeavors!

Golden Retriever Bat Boy “Chase” To Retire

Trenton, NJ – Chase “That Golden Thunder” has been a bat dog and fan favorite at Trenton Thunder games since 2002.  He has been featured in CNN, ESPN, Sports Illustrated and many other media outlets.  He will be 13 years old on July 3rd 2013.


Chase will retrieve his last bat on July 5th at Arm and Hammer Stadium.  Chase’s son, “Home Run” Derby will be taking his place full time.

Here’s a clip of Chase at work, very fine focus and determination…until he sees “the ball!!”

Well behaved dogs on a leash are invited to attend the game on July 5th against the Reading Phillies at Arm and Hammer Stadium to celebrate Chase’s birthday and retirement.

The first 2000 fans over 14 will receive a Chase Bobblehead!  Click here for details.


Bat Dog Chase to Retire – Trenton Thunder

Trenton Thunder’s beloved ‘bat dog’ Chase to retire During 13th Birthday, Retirement Party –

Have a wonderful retirement Chase!

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