Golden Retriever To Compete In Obedience World Cup

Bruce Gibbons and his golden retriever GMOTCh Rideauview’s Bright Horizons “Bright” will be competing next month in the 2013 Crufts World Cup Obedience competition.

Teams competing in this years event are from Wales, England, N.Ireland and Scotland, Belgium, Germany, Holland and Canada.  This makes Bruce and Bright the farthest traveling team!

Bruce has been involved in the world of dog sports for over 25 years.  He is a breeder of golden retrievers (Rideauview Goldens Reg’d)  and has his own training facility “Top Ten Dog Obedience”   He is also a CKC/AKC  Obedience Trial Judge.  Bruce and his wife Lillian have a beautiful home on the Rideau River in Eastern Ontario.

Bruce says he has had other dogs that have won more High In Trials and have achieved more perfect scores than Bright, but none have the work ethic and desire to please that Bright  does.  Here are some of the accomplishments of his dogs to date:

  • 1995 Top Obedience Dog (Rebel)
  • 2001 Top Obedience Dog (Austin)
  • 11 times in the CKC Top Ten All Breed
  • 6 years Top Golden & Top Sporting Dog
  • Winner of 370 HITS (High in Trials)
  • Member of the 2013 Canadian World Cup Team to compete at Crufts 
  • 22 perfect 200 scores 
  • Winner of the GRCC National Specialty 5 times 
  • Winner of the Royal Canin Challenge in the Utility Class in 2011 with Bright
  • Canine specialty consultant


This is a pretty big deal in the golden retriever world.  I was fortunate enough to have an email interview with Bruce, and here is what he says about his journey to Crufts:

TDG:  How much time do you and Bright spend training each week?

Bruce:  For Crufts I have been training about 2-3 hours a day for the last 6 months.  If I am Trialing I dont train that day of course.

TDG:  Is there anything special you are doing to prepare for this event?

Bruce:  I have watched hundereds of hours of Crufts Video on YouTube which has been a great help.  As well I had the opportunity to talk with Bridgett Carlson from the US who has competed at Crufts.

TDG:  Do you use bait as a training tool?  and if so, do you have a favorite?

Bruce:  No I don’t use bait, my reward is my praise and affection.

TDG:  Is there an age that is too old to start training for obedience trials?  (of the dog, of course!)

Bruce:  No it;s never too late but the later you start the more challenging it is.

TDG:  Are there any particular traits you see in a dog that makes you think they have what it takes to participate in obedience?  For example, what do you look for in the dog you will compete with?

Bruce:  I want the craziest pup in the litter that is more interested in me rather than other pups.

TDG:  How much does it cost to train and compete in Obedience?  Can you give me a ballpark?

Bruce:  Well, it’s difficult to pot a cost on the training if you work with a top trainer like myself is quite expensive but you get what you pay for.  Competing would be similar to golf.  You can spend $300 – $500 in a weekend depending how far you have to travel.

TDG:  As a dog breeder, what has been your biggest accomplishment?

Bruce:  For sure it would be Bright earning his GMOTCH (Grand Master Obedience Trial Championship) and then being invited to compete at Crufts.

TDG:  What do you feed your dogs?

Bruce:  Eukanuba Large Breed

TDG:  What is Bright’s favorite toy?

Bruce:  He loves all toys but is insane over field bumpers.

TDG:  Where does Bright sleep at night?

Bruce:  Where else, in our bedroom!

Here is an article from Dog Sport Mag about the competition. (featuring Bruce and Bright)

Crufts 2013 – Obedience World Cup musings

If you would like to contribute to Bruce and Bright’s journey to Crufts click here.

You can also check out their  Facebook page here.

Best of luck to Bruce and Bright!

Here is some footage of last years World Cup Obedience at Crufts


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