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Wayward Dogs

Luke has a confession.

You’d never guess it from his super sweet golden retriever face, but the old, red dog has a problem. He’s a cleptomaniac.

Leave a loaf of bread, a glass bowl full of buffalo meat or even a bag of avocados too close to the edge of our really tall counters, and he’ll swipe it.

His scavenging isn’t limited to food. He regularly raids the bathroom for loose rolls of toilet paper (or their empty tubes) that he can shred and strew all over the house.

This week, he got into the Thanksgiving trash bag. Zach said he noticed something was up when he saw Scooby the elderpin chasing the golden retriever around the yard. Luke had a mouthful of turkey carcass.


Apparently, Luke and former foster dog Minnie are still birds of a feather. Her mom tells me Minnie waited two days before ripping into the…

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