In other strange news…Vancouver Man Pleads Guilty To Sex With Golden Retriever

On October 1st Brian Cutteridge, 38 years from Vancouver BC  plead guilty to having sex with his two dogs, a rottweiler and a golden retriever on at least 7 occasions. The offenses reportedly took place between 1998 and 2005.

Brian Cutteridge’s dogs/Facebook

It gets even creepier.  Apparently Cutteridge was employed at a Veterinary Clinic a few years ago when a Veterinarian suspected him of being a Zoophile as his dogs suffered recurrent urinary tract infections.  The vet reported his suspicions to the SPCA and after a 2nd anonymous complaint was received, an Animal Cruelty investigation was launched.
An investigation turned up videos of the crimes being commited.  Oddly, Cutteridge feels his dogs were not harmed and that he did nothing wrong.

Brian Cutteridge and his Rottweiler – Facebook

Cutteridge was given a suspended sentence and 3 years probation with conditions such as that he is to provide a list of all the animals he owns, that he not own any female dogs and that he allow the SPCA into his home for an inspection once a month.
“not own any female dogs”?  WHAT?  I told you this story was strange.  If you can bring yourself to look at Cutteridge’s Facebook page, you will see several pictures of the rottweiler and only 2 with the golden retriever, which makes me think the rottweiller suffered the most {shudder}
For full story from The Province click here.

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