Jimmy Fallon gets new Golden Retriever Puppy!

Jimmy Fallon has a reputation for having golden retriever puppies on his show.  WARNING:  THESE VIDEOS ARE FILLED WITH EXTREME CUTENESS!!!

Here is a video from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon entitled “If Puppies Could Vote” where golden retriever puppies predict the Best Picture for The Academy Awards. Puppies Predict The Oscars 

Here’s a video from Big Lead Sports of golden retrievers on Jimmy Fallon predicting The Superbowl 2012 between The Giants and The Patriots.  The Puppy Predictors strike again! Puppies Predict Superbowl

Jimmy couldn’t resist the urge for a golden retriever puppy.  He recently tweeted a picture with the caption “A new member of the family”  No word yet on a name.  I nominate “Emmy” or “Oscar”

Courtesy PeoplePets.com Jimmy Fallon

Full story courtesy of PeoplePets.com  here.

Update:  This girl’s name is “Gary”


One thought on “Jimmy Fallon gets new Golden Retriever Puppy!

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