Here’s a great article on “tugging” I find using a rope toy also helps to clean their teeth! Tucker loves a good game of “Tug” but I always make sure I am calling the shots. What do you think? Is tugging okay to play with your dog?

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In some training circles playing tug with your dog is still frowned upon.  These trainers still adhere to the outdated and scientifically disproven belief that playing tug with your dog will make him/her aggressive or dominant.  This is completely unfounded. Dogs love a good game of Tug, and so do their owners! Why wouldn’t you want to play something that you both enjoy!

But the game of Tug is making a comeback!!  Playing tug with your dog has many benefits: it’s a great way to exercise him/her both mentally and physically, it’s another way to reward your dog for a job well done, and it’s a learning experience, teaching your dog to “take” something and to “drop” something.  It’s also a wonderful way to teach your dog impulse control.  Most all dogs lack impulse control.  Lack of impulse control is the root of all evil!

I think the reason for…

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  1. I play tug with Grady, although our range of motion is limited because he can’t find the rope when it drops. But he loves it. And I think allowing them to win gives them a sense of having “bagged their game”, which makes an acceptable substitute for the instinct to hunt and bring home something. He prances around afterwards, tossing it in the air, and is quite proud of himself.

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