Causes Of Golden Retriever Jumping Problems And Solutions

Great post from Home Dog Training about jumping!

Home Dog Training

Though it may be cute and adorable whenever a Golden Retriever puppy jumps to you, it will be scary and annoying to have an adult Golden Retriever jumping at you.  While a dog jumping to you is a sign of excitement of playfulness, a matured Golden Retriever is capable of doing inflicting pain by using an adult. Golden Retrievers were bred to fetch game and thus we were holding accustomed to hop over undergrowth and streams so you have to be aware of that jumping is deep of their blood. At home, you don’t need the jumping as it might bring about harm, specifically if you have young kids at home. The Golden might cause damage within your house when playing and jumping around in excitement.

When Golden Retriever jumping is as a result of excitement, they might be too pleased to see clearly and can make things fall and…

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