Golden Retrievers form rock band, play gigs

Well, not exactly, but there is a band that keeps creeping up in my Google searches, and I felt the urge to blog about them.

The Golden Retrivers, from Ontario, Canada

Some of my posts lately have been rather serious, so here’s one for “Just for Fun”

Here in Canada, close to my hometown, there is a band of four guys who have been together for a few years, and call themselves “The Golden Retrievers”  They are an alternative funk/rock jam band who play local gigs.  They describe their music as a “soul sockin’, hip rockin’, down home, nitty-gritty bag of explodin’ dynamite that you just gotta’ dig”.   Keep your ears on, maybe you will hear them being played on a radio station near you someday!

Here’s a video, they are actually sound pretty good.   Bet our goldens would love them.


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