Patriot Rovers – Saving dogs, Helping Soldiers, Honoring Heroes

In honor of the American holiday, this blog post is dedicated to my neighbors to the South.  What a more fitting topic than the Patriot Rovers, an organization that matches dogs with soldiers, named after fallen soldiers.   Based in North Carolina, The Patriot Rovers provide canine therapy using rescued dogs to provide psychiatric services to military veterans suffering from PTSD and/or a traumatic brain injury.  The program is free for veterans.  You can read the whole writeup here.


The Patriot Rovers was initiated by David Cantara,  a U.S. Army veteran, who is also a member of Patriots Guard Riders, a national group of motorcycle riders who serve as escorts at military funerals.

Here is a short video

Please donate to this wonderful organization if you can…their site accepts Paypal.

The Journey begins when combat ends,
One Soldier, One Dog, One Goal


2 thoughts on “Patriot Rovers – Saving dogs, Helping Soldiers, Honoring Heroes

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  1. Thank you so very much for this service. I don’t know if you are aware of “Operation Roger”. It is an organization of truck drivers that provide transportation for pets throughout the country. It just makes sense. Check out their website. I used to be with Companions For Heroes. The success stories are incredible. Thank you again for your service.

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