Dock Dogs: “The Fastest Growing Sport for Canines (on four feet!)”

According to Dan Mussell, DockDogs is all the rage in Canine Sports.  I would have to agree.  I have even noticed DockDogs competitions in my local area.  I would LOVE to get Tucker involved in these events!!!  He is currently humping a pillow while I blog, so I can honestly say he has the drive and energy.

Listen up water dog lovers!  Here is your chance to have some fun with your dog at a novice level, in an atmosphere not as intimidating as a show ring or an obedience or agility trial.  Please visit the DockDogs site for a trial near you.

In a story from KCRG News, Dan and Jan Mussell own three golden retriever girls,  Madison 3, and rescue retrievers Finley, 4, , and Jaidan, 5 mos. Madison won a 2010 junior national title with a jump of 18 feet 8 inches.

Madison and Dan Mussell Credit: THE GAZETTE-KCRG

Apparently the sport has been televised on ESPN, ABC and the Sports Channel.  I’m going to have to look into this! 🙂  There is a Dock Dogs event 30 minutes away this July but unfortunately I am working nights.  Going to see what I can do to get the night off….

Here are some more amazing photos of Goldens in action at the Dock Dogs competition at Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival  Friday, June 22, 2012. courtesy of Nikole Hanna/The Gazette-KCRG

Bella “Big Air” Credit: THE GAZETTE-KCRG

Shannon Conner, of West Des Moines, and her four year old golden retriever, Bella, focus on the dummy while practicing for the Dock Dogs Extreme Vert

Shannon and Bella at Dock Dogs in Cedar Rapids Credit: THE GAZETTE-KCRG

Please visit the DockDogs site and consider a trial near you!  Look at these beautiful Goldens!!

Best of luck Madison and Bella!!


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  1. They organize events like those in here too especially for spanish water dogs at the beach, where they on top of jumping have to drag little fishing boats like in the old days when that was their job.

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